Q:  Does this come with Everything I need?
A:  All Systems on this site come COMPLEATE with everything needed to mount the Unit.
Including Machine Mount, Push Tube, Blade of Choice, any required Hardware and some basic instructions. Same goes for systems including a winch. EVERYTHING.
Q: How Big of a Plow should I get?
A: I suggest going at least 6” wider than machine. When you tilt the blade you loose upto 6” of width…a 60” Blade on a 58” wide machine is not suggested as when tilted all the way the plowed path of the 60”will only be approximately 54” putting your tires in the snow mound.
Q: Does Blade come with a rubber flap or markers?
A: Only 66” and 72” blades come with Flap and markers for free but are available for purchase for all sized blades.
Eagle is now made by Hitchdoc