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Choose from 3 Blade Types

Choose from 3 Blade Types



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          The Eagle V Blade Snow Plow has returned this year and is totally redesigned. It now has the much desired Inverted V or Scoop position.     
2014 Eagle V Blade

2014 Eagle V Blade

About our Plow Products

About our Plow Products


 Why choose the Eagle Plow System? 

All Eagle ATV/UTV Snow plows are MADE IN USA by American Mfg.  

NOT a universal mount. Fabricated for YOUR machine.

see application chart 

 Quick Mount System:
American Manufacturing's ATV Plow Attaching System is the first and only ATV plow that uses a Patent Pending two part mount. This two part systems consists of a mounting plate and the Universal Tube Frame Mount and  four bolts to tighten. Before trail riding, you simply loosen the same four bolts and slide the Universal Tube Frame Mount off. This system has the benefit of no loss of ground clearance, or any hanging parts to catch or bend. As an added bonus the Mounting Plate also doubles as a heavy-duty skid plate.

The American Mfg. Eagle Plow blades are made of 12 guage high alloy steel that is 40% stronger by weight than comparable blades. The tube frame is constructed of high-tensile 1 1/2" square steel and has 1/4" steel construction at all critical mounting points. It comes standard with hardened 3/4" thick Duro Cast steel blade skids (thickest in the industry) and 1/4" thick mounting brackets.

All Eagle plow blades have five position angle adjustments allowing an angle of 26 1/2º in each direction. This can be achieved manually or add an Eagle hydraulic/electric plow blade pivot to change your plow blade angle without getting off of the machine. There are four blade pitch stops for maximum blade adjustment that feature a solid 5/8" diameter positioning pin (largest in the industry).

System consist of 3 main pieces:

1)Blade.. 2)Push Tube.. and 3)ATV or UTV Mount 

1)  Your choice of 3 Blade Types:

Standard straight plow blades come in 50",54", 60",66" and 72" widths X 16" tall. Available in black or yellow powder coat paint, the standard plow blade is the perfect blade to handle snow, dirt, gravel or anything else you need to move in large quantities. Standard plow blades come with replaceable steel wear bar and heavy-duty ¾" thick steel skid pads.

Country style plow blades are also offered by American Mfg. in 50", 60". The tapered design and aggressively curved profile steer snow or dirt up and away from the surface you are clearing. Country style plow blades come in a durable black or yellow powder coat finish and come with replaceable steel wear bar, heavy-duty ¾" thick steel skid pads, and included top rubber flap.

 Perfect for long driveways and lakes.

V Force V-Blade style plow blades are a Formed blade. Stronger than rolled, they are made of 11 gauge steel with a Red powder coat finish. The V Force mounts to the standard Eagle Swivel System and features 4 different height positions to accommodate over sized tires, 3 blade skids(L,R,Center), Center wear bars and rubber flap. With the quick lock pins the conversion from Standard Plow (66") to V Plow (54") takes less than 30 seconds.

 2) Push Tube mounts to the ATV/UTV  mounting plate and the Blade. Push Tube is the strongest in the industry using 12 gauge 1 1/2" square tubing, ¼ mounting brackets, two cross members, and a V shape to prevent blade sway.

3) ATV Mount 

The patented EAGLE plow mount system is a culmination of over 30 years of “in the field” engineering. It is designed as a two plate system and constructed of high strength steal. The two plates are referred to as the Model specific plate and the Universal Plate.

1. The Model Specific Plate mounts directly onto the undercarriage of the ATV. The mounting plates are designed to mount between the floor boards or foot pegs. The plate does NOT affect the oil draining capabilities of the ATV. It is constructed of 12-gauge steel. This plate remains on the ATV after you remove your plow. The plate acts as a skid plate to help protect the undercarriage of the ATV. We hand fit all of our plates providing true and accurate fitments.

2. The Universal Mount Plate fits onto the Model Specific Plate. The plate provides 5/8” diameter rods to mount the Push Tubes.

Our thirty years of “in the field” experience has proven to us that the mounting rods that attach the Push Tubes receive a lot of stress while plowing. The EAGLE PLOW, again, has surpassed all in the industry, creating the strongest and finest attachment.

Collectively the unique Patented Eagle Plow Mount System is user friendly. It provides ease of installation, good use of material, and is fabricated and engineered to be the strongest in the industry.

We can honestly say that after 5 years in the industry, we have not had one complaint on strength and design. What more would an ATV enthusiast expect from a

MADE IN THE USA product.

Source: EaglePlows.com